Monday, June 8, 2009

First Anti-Real World Event: My birthday. Where shall we go?

So filming begins on Saturday, June 20th.  Conveniently enough, that's my 22nd birthday!*  I want to do everything I can to ensure that my birthday celebration truly reflects the spirit of the Anti-Real World.  Not that I hate cameras.... everyone knows what an attention whore I am.  But I am anti-douchebaggery.  So I'll try and steer clear of such a trait.

The rough plan is:

  • Dinner at a restaurant TBD
  • Drinks at a nice gay bar that won't be invaded by MTVers.  Right now I'm strongly leaning towards EFN Lounge (formerly known as BeBar).  It's a nice space, plus it has the advantage of being in a "bad" neighborhood.  I think it's safe to say that MTV will not be visiting "Shaw: slum historíque" this season.
  • Here is where things get dicey.  A friend of mine suggested Secrets (gay male strip club, for those of you not in the know) for my birthday.  I actually like Secrets and had fun there the last time I went.  Unfortunately it is the only strip club that has re-opened since they closed the O St. clubs for the stadium.  Will MTV go there?  Will the "activist" kids on the cast want to go there?  I don't know.  What is everyone else's opinion regarding the appropriateness of Secrets for an "Anti-Real World" birthday party?
Oh, and you are all invited of course to any or all of the venues that have the privilege of being selected.

* We all know that a lady never reveals her real age.


Anonymous said...

I'm torn. I like this blog... a lot. But i take a little bit of offense with some of what you're saying (not that it should matter to you, but whatever). I mean i definitely understand the hassle that the RW folks are going to cause you and a lot of other folks, but my issue is more with the fect that DC didn't become "good enough" until after several years of gentrification that made DC "safe" for something like this. I'm upset/bothered/concerned that outside of a few jaunts to Capitol Hill we won't see much of the south side of the city... unless they go to do some "community service". That being said, I don't expect the RW kids to go to a go-go in DC, but I think it does a big disservice to the city to only show the "happy" gentrified parts and ignore the fact that there's a whole different and extremely important minority population. I'm curious to see how white DC will look on this season of the Real World

adam r. said...

Don't act like you don't know all those RW kids are going to hang out in Northern VA after the first couple of nights out in Adams Morgan!

Anonymous said...

As long as "they" stay the fuck away from Science Club, I'm ok. My friend and I were discussing bars that they'd want to go to and whose management would probably giggle and kick them out. Big Hunt and Science Club were two. My bets are on them making their haunts at Rumors with all the rest of DC's finest (and most diseased).

gaiagirl6 said...

I'm with you -- I also live on this block and am already changing social plans to avoid our newest neighbors... maybe we should start an ARW neighbors happy hour/therapy session!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Hey, that's my birthday, too! Hooray in-under-the-wire Geminis!

We recently moved from Columbia Heights to Dupont, and very nearly rented a condo in the building on the SE corner of 20th and S. Thank bejesus we decided it was too far from the Orange Line (which we use to get to work). My condolences on your soon-to-be new neighbors.