Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bars that are getting on our good side...

From the very first time I walked into Wonderland Ballroom three years ago or so, I knew it would be among my favorite haunts in Washington. Today, the DCist confirmed why. Matt McGovern and his wife Rose Donna, a dynamic duo who also brought us Looking Glass Lounge have apparently told The Real World Cast that they are persona non-grata at the fine Columbia Heights establishment. I think this little nugget from Matt says it all: (Quote via Fritz Hahn at The Washington Post)

"I don't know if I'd let them film here." So [McGovern] put my question to a vote of the patrons present, shouting "Should we let 'The Real World' film in here?" Audible groans and murmurs of dissent could be heard on my end. "I guess the answer's no," he said. "We almost run the bar like a democracy, and certain things have to be put to a vote."

THINK about the implications here. The patrons at Wonderland, who brave the sometimes crazy street life on Kenyon to drink at one of the city’s premier neighborhood bars, feel that the Real World DC cast is slightly more of a nuisance then a crack head, mugger, gang member or a first time home buyer. Awesome. I’ll tell you one thing, you can expect to see a lot more of me at this fine establishment and I urge our readers to do the same. First round is on Matt.

I also want to give a shout out to one of the best damn music venues in the land, The Black Cat which will also be Anti-Real World DC friendly. It’s good to know that while the cast, their cameras, their entourage and all the douche bag onlookers will be hopping from Pilar to Saint Ex, we’ll have a safe house on 14th to run. It’s my guess that other establishments will be quick to follow suit. I’d imagine that my new favorite bar in DC, The Gibson, with its low key atmosphere would be among the first to shun the cameras and insanity.

If you know of an establishment that is going to be anti-real world DC friendly, we’d love to know about it! Drop us an email and if it’s a place we like anyway, we’ll throw a shout out your way! Places like The Guards NEED NOT APPLY.


rashad said...

You can add the soon-to-be-closed Timberlake's to the list of bars who are on your side. I was in there on Friday, and one bartender in particular was not pleased at all about the Real World's arrival to Dupont

Jane said...

Kramerbooks & Afterwords said no thanks too!

thompsty said...

haha Timberlakes is disgusting though! im all for banning real-worlders, but i dont think timberlakes would have had a problem. ha