Saturday, July 11, 2009

The First Fight?

And the first fight on my sidewalk occurred at 3 AM today. Wasn't actually between castmates, but rather onlookers outside of the house. Lasted about 30 minutes and caused enough of a ruckus to have the cast come outside and watch.

One woman beat another woman senseless on the ground for a full ten minutes as their friends said "let them fight!"

Best part had to be the security folks doing NOTHING and watching two girls go at it. Didn't do anything. Didn't try to break it up. Didn't call the cops. Did absolutely nothing. I guess they can't do anything because they're Park Police, right? Cars pulling up and shouting. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

Can't wait for 4 more months of this!

It's actually still going on as I write this.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Use Washington Sports Club on Connecticut? Sorry.

One of our loyal readers let us know that the Real Worlders are using the WSC on Connecticut Ave near the house. Read the email below to find out the details and then let management and corporate (800-565-2692) know how you feel.

My friend and I asked to speak to a manager. Here's the scoop:
- The Sports Club corporate headquarters made the decision and passed it down to the General Manager, who is very sympathetic to her members, but can't do much to change it.
- No Real World cast or crew member is allowed to speak to you while at the gym. Management promised me that they will be reminded of this.
- They are only using the Dupont Circle WSC location (great...)
- They are not allowed in the locker rooms or spa downstairs.
- The gym cannot tell members what is being film, when it is being film, etc. so even if you call and ask if they're there, they can't tell you. (This is apparently some legal issue)
- They will not film you, but the waiver has been signed by corporate, so they can film whenever they want in the building.

I'd encourage readers to ask to speak to management. Be polite, file a complaint, and then call the member service department: 800-565-2692

Also, report them every single time they speak to you or get in your way. They were told, according to management, that they are absolutely not to disturb the members.

Join the Anti-Real World DC Flickr Group!

We've created a group on Flickr to store photo submissions from everyone. These are not only photos of the cast but submissions for our "Real DC" Weekly Photo Contest. Join the group today and submit your photos.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gerardo needs his ciggies

While doing an interview with Washington Post outside of my place,
castmember we call "Gerardo" walked by to go buy cigarettes at the
Safeway. He was trailed by a gaggle of 7 interns taking photos.

Everyones gotta have an entourage I guess.

The "Real" DC Photo Contest

We here at ARWDC love getting emails, tips, pics and stories about your run-ins with Real Worlders or the crew. You help drive the content on this site and we are eternally grateful. You love your city and your neighbors and you are truly the definition of "real."

Which is why we've decided to do a weekly "Real DC" photo contest. There are plenty of people playing paparazzi and hiding in garbage cans to catch photos of the RW cast, but that isn't really "real" in DC is it? While we still appreciate photos of the cast and citizen reporting from bars and other neighborhoods, we think doing a flash mob to take photos of the cast is a little...stalkerish.

So send us your best photo of what you think is "real" DC. If you think it's your friends and you partying at Wonderland - send it. If you think its the mailman in Petworth - send it. If you think its you giving us the finger while volunteering at a soup kitchen - send it. We want to see what you think is the best image of "real" DC - uncensored, unscripted. A great example of a "real" DC photo can be found at Brian Smith's Photoblog. But your photo doesn't have to be a feel good moment, it doesn't have to be on a great camera - hell, it doesn't even have to be a good looking photo! Just visit and join our Anti-Real World DC Flickr Group and simply add your photo to the group pool. Be sure to tag your photo "RealDC" so we know it's for the contest.

We'll post the Photo of the Week every Thursday and I suppose we'll figure out a prize too eventually.

There are a lot more things going on in DC than just a four month long TV show filming. We know you can prove it! We'll still take your photos of the cast and crew in DC, but no need to pose as the pizza guy to get inside the house and snap some shots. We love stuff you guys are sending and we're sure as filming continues, the likelihood of photos from my living room of cast members puking on the sidewalk will increase.

Good luck and have fun!

My (Partial) Dream List of DC Reality Shows

This may shock some of you, but most of us at ARWDC enjoy reality TV! If I had my druthers, here are only some of the shows I would welcome with open arms to D.C. Please comment or email us with the shows you would want to see!*

Top Chef: D.C. has become one of the top culinary destinations in the country. You may not be able to afford some of the higher end places, but from pho to burgers to haute cuisine to you name it, D.C. is making a name for itself in the culinary world. Spike from season 4 of Top Chef has his must-eat Good Stuff Eatery on The Hill, and Carla from Season 5 was a finalist. (Any readers know what she is up to now?)

The first challenge could be during Maryland crab season....or maybe re-invent the half-smoke. The White House Pastry Chef could judge the best D.C. monuments, which have been made for dessert. Or repeat past seasons, and make food for a worthy cause like DC Central Kitchen.

Project Runway: To be fair, all that I know about fashion comes from Project Runway. But what I do know, is that PR could do some trips to D.C. that would be great! How about designing a gown for an embassy ball....or a state dinner? (Forgive me if this has been done) The gown could then be auctioned off and proceeds went to a good cause.

The People's Court: I have not seen the People's Court since the days of Judge Wapner and Rusty the Bailiff, but the premise of the show would be great in D.C. Instead of taking up precious time and taxpayer dollars doing investigations and hearings, the plaintiff and the bailiff would be sent to The People's Court where a no-nonsense judge would tell them how it is going to be. I know many of you will say but wait...Due Process! Well, both parties have to agree to the Judge's ruling once they enter The People's Court. Just think--Abramoff would've been put away so much good guy wears a dark trenchcoat and fedora. The movies tell me that.

Bonus, this is actual, non-staged real-life drama that is resolved in one location and doesn't require multiple venues. Score! (thx to @nerdette for suggestion as well)

*We know about Real Housewives of DC (or is it Potomac, MD now) and Blonde Charity Mafia. Some of us from ARWDC are thrilled, some are not. Also, we know some of you will call us hypocrite.s But seriously...PR and TC require a specific skillset, RWDC does not.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Intersection of Politics and The Real World

While The Real World DC films all over our nation’s capital, I wanted to quickly point out that not one, but two, former Real World cast members are trying to reach Washington, and not for a cameo on the show. Berg reported on Friday that Sean Duffy, the Ashland County, WI District Attorney and Real World: Boston alum, has decided to take on one of my favorite, and one of the most powerful members of Congress, Rep. Dave Obey.

I don’t think this guy stands much of a chance, but I’ll tell you he’s pretty credible, maybe even moreso than Kevin Powell, the other former cast member running (more on him later). Kevin’s run brings up an interesting question, “Can you run a credible campaign for high office after being on a reality tv show?” Kevin has clearly made a good career for himself. I’ve even heard from some friends that his wife is an occasional Conservative commentator on Fox News. But, see, here is the rub. An extremely emotionally charged, crazy and sometimes out-of-control portion of your life is in full view and sold, on DVD at any Best Buy in the country. I’m looking at you Ashley, remember that.

The other guy has some solid credentials as an anti-domestic violence advocate, which is awesome. That being said, his website may be the single most douche filled thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Kevin Powell is running for Congress in my family’s ancestral homeland of Brooklyn, NY. The VERY first sentence of Mr. Powell’s website reads, and holy shit I’m not making this up. “Kevin Powell is widely considered one of America’s most important voices in these early years of the 21st century.”

WHAT THE FUCK!?! Did he just call himself one of America’s most important voices? Yeaaaaah buddy you are right up there with Barack Fucking Obama. You personally went from The Real World to Socrates in a moment so important to the history of the world and pop culture that Bob Dylan going electric looks like open mic night at a bar in Muskogee, Oklahoma. That being said, he has appeared on Oprah for his work on ending violence, which brings me to my closing point.

It seems that no matter how douchey Kevin is, he found meaning in his life after Real World by channeling his experiences towards a really important and solid goal. This is someone who transcended their experience; much like Sean Duffy did, and actually made something more out of themselves than a two bit reality media whore destined to do endless Real-World/Road Rules challenges until they age out to VH1 or Bravo. Both of them should be commended and serve as role models for the kids coming up behind them. That being said, hey Kevin, there are 11 political activists over here who’d love to give your website a makeover, Bravo style.

Where dbags tread...

Our reader Sophia Monster shares with us - dbags - CAUGHT ON FILM! She writes:

My sister and her friend were visiting and we had to stop by the RW house to believe it was actually taking place. We caught the two DBs in the background walking around the alley and the house drinking bottles of beer outside, in the street at 1:00 pm. It's really rare to see a big, brawny white guy wearing a basketball jersey with no shirt on underneath in DC isn't it?? We nicknamed these two Josh and Karden. I agree with your earlier post that the PAs and sound crew are more attractive.

Thanks, Sophia!

Now the only thing we have to figure out is if the RW Castmember on the left is a San Antonio Spurs or a Chicago Bulls fan.

Check out the DB close-up:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Dupont Stops Being a Neighborhood, and Starts Being a Dorm

This past weekend, ARWDC's own Berg did an interview with Randy Gyllenhaal, reporter for, a FOX News company... and no relation (that we know of) to Jake Gyllenhaal.

While we would have preferred not to be followed up by the RWDC equivalent of "Spencer" - a self-proclaimed "stalkerazzi" who has also tweeted that she told Hot 99.5's @kaneshow that she'd "... get nekked in the hot tub!!" - it's a solid piece that might help explain a little more about what neighbors are dealing with, and also why we're here.

Why We're Here

Over the past few weeks, the contributors to this blog have worked tirelessly to keep the site fresh with content and insight as MTV begins filming on the Real World in Washington, DC. During that time, as the site continued to grow, a community began to develop. This blog was created, not to simply bash everything coming out of 2000 S Street or to post without thinking. It was created to serve as a forum for those who care deeply about what goes on in their neighborhoods - whether it be welcoming seven strangers with open arms or telling them to go home.

The contributors to this blog don't drive the content on the site, the readers do. Our wonderful readership (yes - we include even you folks who read us JUST because you hate us) has helped us generate content from user ideas. We share ideas that sometimes spur disagreement, but how else is progress made without allowing both sides to speak? We are so eternally grateful for all of the readers and the tipsters and the blogs and the news outlets that have helped publicize this forum.

Which is why when bloggers who we will just refer to as "Heidi & Spencer" continue their attempts to antagonize and divide us, we take this opportunity to remind them about something we've all been told at one point in our lives (some of us 3 or 4 times):

"It's not about you."

As a neighbor, a homeowner, a DC-resident and a politically engaged citizen, the concept of "Anti-Real World" was never about the cast or the people. It was about the overarching themes that have been lost in MTV's long running social experiment. It's about being real. Part of being real is being honest. Do we judge? Absolutely. Do we heckle? Totally. Do we have attitude problems leading to a seemingly endless supply of snarky retorts? You betcha. But one thing we are through it all - is honest.

Those that enjoy this blog the most, whether they be MTV public relations execs, hill staffers, Dupont residents or local business owners - enjoy it because they have a sense of humor. It's important to remind readers that the "social experiment" behind the Real World is that they AREN'T supposed to read tweets, social media, radios, TV, etc. The idea is the interaction between the housemates. This social experiment became compromised right around the time that Bunim-Murray started looking to fill "roles" on their Real World casts.

When one of our contributors met roommate Ashley the other night, he was genuinely impressed by her. He wrote about it. Those that were disappointed he didn't smack her or yell an obscenity clearly haven't interacted with enough people in their lives. This blog is full of snarky, sarcastic, care-free, fun-loving assholes. But we're not bullies. We are not cowards because we don't tell Ashley that her love for social change and do-gooder activities is lame. We are, however, honest, which is why we will continue to poke fun at the roommate that looks like Nick Jonas and the one that dresses like Gerardo.

We will continue to write things the way we do - with honesty. If we were really media whores about this, we'd probably of picked better colors for the site - don't you think? This site is what you all make of it. We will continue to report when one of the cast members pukes on my sidewalk or when someone gets in a fight or when a security guard pretends to be the park police and makes a homophobic slur (seriously dude - not cool!). We call it like we see it. On some days, the grass looks nicer than on others. Let us make no mistake - we are neither here to make friends nor here to make enemies. We are here to simply call it like we see it.

It is our hope that one day, those who seek to appease their own self-esteem issues through constant "me me me" style video blogging will grow up, move out of mommy and daddy's house, buy their own place and then take notice at what is going on in their communities.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Real World meets The Anti-Real World

And so it happened almost exactly as I expected….

I’m sitting with a few friends at Big Hunt. We’re talking about the New York Senate shit show and I’m passively hitting on this wonderful lady who is about to hit the trail. She’s tall and blonde, has a bombastic personality and can keep up with me at the bar, totally my type. As we’re talking she looks behind me and smiles. “You aren’t going to believe this….but The Real World just walked in.”
Naturally I thought she was fucking with me. There is no way that I am quite literally living my earlier post. I tell her she’s fucking with me, right about the time I get bumped in the back by a camera man. I’m only about two vodka sodas in and all of a sudden I’m filled with joy. This is going to be epic. My friends were overtaken by both a sudden glee and a sudden terror as they realize any conversation we were having was about to be hijacked by my analyzing every move that the cast and crew made. They are a forgiving sort. One is a professional writer who understands my sudden need to digest everything, one a former successful blogger turned operative. The blonde thinks that ARWDC is cool. She is a political operative from the other side of the aisle which magnifies her sexiness by like a million. (Sorry girls, Republicans really are hotter than us Democrats for some reason)

The cast arrives at their table and I’m now on Vodka soda number two. It’s a Sunday night so I figure I should take it easy. This one went over to the juke box and and, immediately scans the selections on the “VH1 Greatest Hits Volume 4 album”. I wanted to shit myself, I mean how could you so consciously be more of a corporate whore? He ended up choosing:

Kanye, All falls down
Outkast: The way u move, club mix
Queen; Another one bites the dust
Temptations: Something or other, I was starting to get tipsy by this point.

As my friends and I were quietly critiquing his musical selections, I overheard the General Manager say to a member of his staff, “I’m really not thrilled they are here.” I immediately perked up and the two of us began talking. The staff and management of the bar were extremely gracious, but were squarely Anti-Real Worlders. I was happy to know that I was at home amongst my people…and let me just tell you, I’ve always been a big fan of The Big Hunt, I am even moreso a fan now.

At this point, I feel as though we were getting a bit loud, and maybe we were flagrantly talking about the blog within earshot of one of the Production Assistants. It was then that the most immaculate thing ever happened. One of the cast chose to engage us.

Ashley was a lovely girl, a 22 year old from out west, a foster child who planned on volunteering somewhere in the city with children. As we came to learn, all the house members are free to find employment wherever they want. She told me that she was a serious, life-long Democrat and a former Obama Delegate in Las Vegas. She was very “religious” and said that she was sure that if Jesus were alive today, he’d be a Democrat. This nearly got my lovely blonde friend to leap out of her chair. I shot her a glance and a wry smile. My Republican friend did not tear her to shreds…slightly disappointing. Ashley continued talking to me and then very candidly said, “Why does everyone in this town hate us?” I responded, “I don’t hate you.” (OH COME ON READER, SHE WAS CUTE.) Furthermore, she REALLY cared, and I must say, it was endearing.

“Well so many people do, I mean, I guess if I lived somewhere, and a reality tv show came to town and went to my bars and restaurants, I’d be a little pissed too, but we’re just normal people, like everyone else.”

“But, you aren’t, because you are being followed by cameras…”

“But before we were followed by cameras, we were just like anyone else.”

“Well, yes and no, I mean, my friends and I wouldn’t ever have cameras follow us around and EVERY ONE of us works in media. By the way, can I buy you a drink?”

“I can’t drink today, I’ve been drinking for three days straight and I have [A medical condition] I should probably lay off.“


“Well, it was nice meeting you.”


A fellow ARWDC blog contributor then walked in and smiled at all the craziness. He proceeded to walk over to the juke box and put DeVo’s “Whip It” on repeat. We identified an African-American male on the cast as being gay based on his Human Rights Campaign t-shirt. This pissed me off slightly as HRC doesn’t really DO much for the LGBT cause, I mean wearing an HRC t-shirt is kinda like wearing a Che Guevara shirt…it shows how tragically hip and non-revolutionary you are.

At the end of the day, I had a few too many drinks and went home alone. Story of my life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The crew together...

This was taken from my living room window as the camera crew filmed
all seven cast members walking down the street (probably for a promo)
walking into the house.

Gotta be honest - Ricardo/Bret Michaels is not only rocking an amazing
bandana headband but also the classic sleeveless denim jacket.

You know what they say: Suns out, Guns out!