Friday, July 10, 2009

Use Washington Sports Club on Connecticut? Sorry.

One of our loyal readers let us know that the Real Worlders are using the WSC on Connecticut Ave near the house. Read the email below to find out the details and then let management and corporate (800-565-2692) know how you feel.

My friend and I asked to speak to a manager. Here's the scoop:
- The Sports Club corporate headquarters made the decision and passed it down to the General Manager, who is very sympathetic to her members, but can't do much to change it.
- No Real World cast or crew member is allowed to speak to you while at the gym. Management promised me that they will be reminded of this.
- They are only using the Dupont Circle WSC location (great...)
- They are not allowed in the locker rooms or spa downstairs.
- The gym cannot tell members what is being film, when it is being film, etc. so even if you call and ask if they're there, they can't tell you. (This is apparently some legal issue)
- They will not film you, but the waiver has been signed by corporate, so they can film whenever they want in the building.

I'd encourage readers to ask to speak to management. Be polite, file a complaint, and then call the member service department: 800-565-2692

Also, report them every single time they speak to you or get in your way. They were told, according to management, that they are absolutely not to disturb the members.

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