Thursday, July 9, 2009

The "Real" DC Photo Contest

We here at ARWDC love getting emails, tips, pics and stories about your run-ins with Real Worlders or the crew. You help drive the content on this site and we are eternally grateful. You love your city and your neighbors and you are truly the definition of "real."

Which is why we've decided to do a weekly "Real DC" photo contest. There are plenty of people playing paparazzi and hiding in garbage cans to catch photos of the RW cast, but that isn't really "real" in DC is it? While we still appreciate photos of the cast and citizen reporting from bars and other neighborhoods, we think doing a flash mob to take photos of the cast is a little...stalkerish.

So send us your best photo of what you think is "real" DC. If you think it's your friends and you partying at Wonderland - send it. If you think its the mailman in Petworth - send it. If you think its you giving us the finger while volunteering at a soup kitchen - send it. We want to see what you think is the best image of "real" DC - uncensored, unscripted. A great example of a "real" DC photo can be found at Brian Smith's Photoblog. But your photo doesn't have to be a feel good moment, it doesn't have to be on a great camera - hell, it doesn't even have to be a good looking photo! Just visit and join our Anti-Real World DC Flickr Group and simply add your photo to the group pool. Be sure to tag your photo "RealDC" so we know it's for the contest.

We'll post the Photo of the Week every Thursday and I suppose we'll figure out a prize too eventually.

There are a lot more things going on in DC than just a four month long TV show filming. We know you can prove it! We'll still take your photos of the cast and crew in DC, but no need to pose as the pizza guy to get inside the house and snap some shots. We love stuff you guys are sending and we're sure as filming continues, the likelihood of photos from my living room of cast members puking on the sidewalk will increase.

Good luck and have fun!


Anonymous said...

I know you guys want the contributions from your readers and all, but this seems particularly appropriate? (and hey look! it's my one contribution!)

krutik said...

Check this out, awesome stuff!