Saturday, July 4, 2009

This is the Bus posting

And So Begins the Tour Bus

UPDATE: This is the Real World DC's tour bus for the night. They also got a free pass from the Fenty Admin. to have a chartered bus on a residential street...which, again, the Fenty Admin. said would not happen.

Despite what the Fenty Administration's Andrew Huff promised, tour busses are coming down S street to gawk at the Real World DC house.

While I am sure Spencer and Heidi are riding these everyday, tour busses don't make local property owners/renters and small business owners happy because they ruin residential streets and cause noise pollution.

But hey...anything for a buck.


Sound Crew's hotter than the cast.

We spotted the sound crew, pausing at 18th and Connecticut Ave, NW. Good looking gents.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pics of the Cast

I have to say they really aren't attractive. MTV/Bunim-Murray seems to have lowered their standards for the residents of 2000 S St NW. And the bandana and cigarette are so Bret Michaels.

Homophobic RWDC Security Threatens DC Residents, Impersonates Park Police

ARWDC just received an anonymous tip from an area resident who had a bad, to put it mildly, experience with Real World DC security last night. What happened to these two individuals is awful, yet frankly, not shocking....way to go MTV and Real World DC.

Note: This is the tip in full, unedited.

"Just dialed 311 after a security guy near the street asked me and a friend to leave. We heard the cast discussing how rude people in DC were in what we think were their hottub, The police arrived. I have no problem with them protecting the property, but the guy told us he was Park Police. He reached into his back pocket and said he was our worst nightmare. He said he was going to arrest us.

That was my complaint to the MPD when they arrived after we called the non-emergency number. The security officer claimed he worked for an agency he clearly did not. He also should not have reached towards his back pocket and threatened us. Additionally, he made a homophobic comment. When I told him he was not a park policeman, he told me just because I was walking with a girl this did not mean I was straight. As I am gay this statement was true, but it was clearly intended to demean me and make me feel inferior. I asked him why he was making a homophobic comment, but he responded by continuing to insist that we leave the area.

The police arrived. The 311 operator called me back and asked if I wanted to file a report. I said I wanted to get on with my night. When my friend told me the police were leaving the scene I flagged them down. I told them what happened and said a man in a black security shirt had stated he was a park policeman. The police said they could not find him, but I returned to the scene and pointed the man out. When the police approached him and asked him if he was park police and he stated he was not.

The police told me the security were a bunch of "yahoo's". They planned to speak to the head of security.

Just so you are aware, beware if you plan to walk by and stop near S and 20th Streets, NW. Apparently, this areas if off limits until Thanksgiving."


Remember, YOU have can walk by the house, you can stand out in front of the house. If you get harassed, call 311 just like our tipster did! If RWDC fans like DCist and Woodbridge, VA blogger Spencer can gawk, so can RWDC opponents. Just don't break any laws--we don't, our tipster didn't, and neither should you.

Real Worlder for Congress?

Don't worry Real Worlders, your relevance doesn't have to end when the final episode airs. You could do anything with the fame and fortune that being a pop culture icon brings you! While the high status of the ShamWow guy is not beyond your reach, why stop there? Why not try to come back to DC as...I dunno...a member of congress?

That's exactly what former Real World: Boston cast member and current Ashland County District Attorney, Sean Duffy (no relation to the ARWDC ally and all-around good guy of the same name) is doing in Wisconin against House Appropriations Chairman, Congressman Dave Obey. Here's a little bit from the article that seems to capture the incredible substance and depth behind Duffy's candidacy:

"Duffy is active with the Republican Party of Wisconsin, but he is perhaps best known as a former cast member on the MTV reality show "The Real World: Boston" in 1997. His conservative political views were a source of friction on the show with some of his more liberal housemates." - Wausau Daily Herald, 7/2/09

Duffy is actually married to another former Real World cast member so it appears as if the recipe for post-reality TV relevance seems to lie in keeping with your own kind (other reality TV stars) and moving to Wisconsin to become a Conservative Republican. Obviously, scientific evidence would probably support the notion that Duffy's offspring are likely to eventually follow in daddy's footsteps and become Real Worlders.

(Hat tip on this on to WAOW-TV's Katie Rosenberg for the intel on this one!)

Reliable Source Quotes Anti-Douchebag

While we would have described Berg as "resident anti-douchebag and current Berg," we wanted to h/t to WaPo's Reliable Source for quoting one of our own:
"I'm not a curmudgeony 28-year-old," he told us. "I just don't really feel like living next to a dorm."

Like the Reliable Source, the steady stream of gawkers outside the house last night really seem to want the new cast to DOSOMETHINGALREADY. The contributors of this blog, however, were busy getting our drink on in a bar far away from Real World cast members.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

When the lights go down in DC

The lights remain on in the Real World house. All of them.

Like Unicorns and Rainbows for Your Soul: a guest blog

We're not the first Real World hecklers. We are merely continuing a proud tradition of messing stuff up. MissBanshee tells it like it was in Boston, circa 1997.

You kids! You wide eyed innocents! HA! You think you know how to harass Real Worlders? Well pull up a seat on the porch and let Great Granny Banshee tell you about how we did it back in the day.

Great Granny was a junior in college when the Boston season was in production, way back in 1997, and the house was one block from the performing arts building, where I spent most of my time. Now. We, like you youngsters, wanted to get these tools OUT OUT OUT of our neighborhood, out of our WAY, out of our SIGHT. And since we couldn't shut down production, we decided we'd make life as difficult as possible for those dipwads.

This is before cell/camera phones, so there isn't any documentation that I can locate, but the best way to REALLY REALLY piss off all and sundry involved is, when you see a "scene" being filmed, to start BELLOWING the opening of the show. Bonus points if you get a harmony going of "This is the true story (TRUE STORY!!!) Of seven strangers...etc" Do the whole thing. Do it loudly. Do it often. Yell it at the building. Create an interpretive dance. Shriek it if you're lucky enough to catch a drunken fight, or a sobby breakup on the sidewalk. The sound guys and the editors will want to DESTROY you, but there's nothing they can do.

This way, they can't use the footage, or if they do, the mocking will be heard in the background. Be childish. You'll still be eons more mature than the chumps they get for this show. And their pain will be like unicorns and rainbows for your soul.

Tell 'em Miss Banshee sent ya.

miss banshee isn't really an angry person, she just plays one on the internet. You can find her blog o' tricks at She also delights in mocking pop culture at

DCer to Real Worlder: GO HOME.

An anonymous tipster sent us this and some commentary:

"Walking up Connecticut Ave from Dupont circa 1:30. She was standing lost at the circle, someone walked by and yelled '20th and S is that way, now go home'

You get a better view of the camera crew in this one..."

Cast Move-In Sighted! Urge to Vom Rising!

Walking by the house on my way to my birthday lunch and saw Generic Blonde Girl castmember walking to house. Straight male friend thought she had too much make-up on.

Sidenote, cameramen were literally shoving people out of the way to film her walking alone up the street. Can't wait for five months of this.

They're heeeeeere......

Confirmed sighting. Blonde, mid 20s being filmed bringing boxes into
the house. Security guards are gone but camera crew followed her in
and out of her car into the house.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not yet. . . but coming soon . . .

So despite the rumors that the cast is in DC, it doesn't look like they are at the house yet. I just took a stroll around the house and they are still working on ladders dealing with outdoor lighting, etc. And there's a table outside with several tools on it and some interesting "artwork" in the alley behind the house that was just spray painted.

Last night they were working on the house past midnight - they are usually finished by 9pm. Looks like they are putting the finishing touches on the house so they'll be ready for Wednesday - rumored move in day.

Check back for sightings and photos!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Problematic Excessive Drinking = Ratings Bonanza!

Why am I concerned about the Real World being in DC? Joey.

As I was surfing the tubez this morning, I came across an article that had a link to the Real World Cancun bio page. Being the nosy nellie that I am, the link was clicked and I was immediately disgusted.

I haven't read all of the bios yet, and there is little chance I will. Mostly because of this piece about "Joey" from Real World Cancun:

And he's had more than a few bouts with excessive drinking, which will eventually become a problem in Cancun.

Now for the Negative Neds out there, I haven't seen an episode of Real World Cancun so I don't know what the actual case is with Joey. But MTV's PR strategy is to paint Joey as the alcoholic bad boy of the season. MTV is exploiting addictions for the sake of ratings by using his addiction problem in his OFFICIAL BIO. That bio will be with him the rest of his life...but hey what's that compared to an extra 100,000 viewers for "A very special episode of the Real World."