Monday, June 29, 2009

Problematic Excessive Drinking = Ratings Bonanza!

Why am I concerned about the Real World being in DC? Joey.

As I was surfing the tubez this morning, I came across an article that had a link to the Real World Cancun bio page. Being the nosy nellie that I am, the link was clicked and I was immediately disgusted.

I haven't read all of the bios yet, and there is little chance I will. Mostly because of this piece about "Joey" from Real World Cancun:

And he's had more than a few bouts with excessive drinking, which will eventually become a problem in Cancun.

Now for the Negative Neds out there, I haven't seen an episode of Real World Cancun so I don't know what the actual case is with Joey. But MTV's PR strategy is to paint Joey as the alcoholic bad boy of the season. MTV is exploiting addictions for the sake of ratings by using his addiction problem in his OFFICIAL BIO. That bio will be with him the rest of his life...but hey what's that compared to an extra 100,000 viewers for "A very special episode of the Real World."


xanidu22 said...

BMP cast according to the city they are in. So for Cancun expect the morally corrupt binge drinkers to be casted, with drinking and “the hook ups” being the main story line. When they go to a more cosmopolitan city you get an older, slightly ambitious (although that has dropped in the years) cast; and they usually go for the “fish out of the water” or the conflict story line. Now there will be drinking, but won’t be the main focus, so expect a more RW Brooklyn cast than a Cancun cast.

Bryan L. said...

The guy is a huge tool. In the first episode this asshole just drinks too much and seems as if he cant handle his booz. The only reason he hooked up with a chick in the first episode is because he has no standards and will probably stick it in anything with a Vag. His music blows and he's a pussy. I'm 5'9", a buck-sixty and would kick this guys ass!