Thursday, July 2, 2009

Like Unicorns and Rainbows for Your Soul: a guest blog

We're not the first Real World hecklers. We are merely continuing a proud tradition of messing stuff up. MissBanshee tells it like it was in Boston, circa 1997.

You kids! You wide eyed innocents! HA! You think you know how to harass Real Worlders? Well pull up a seat on the porch and let Great Granny Banshee tell you about how we did it back in the day.

Great Granny was a junior in college when the Boston season was in production, way back in 1997, and the house was one block from the performing arts building, where I spent most of my time. Now. We, like you youngsters, wanted to get these tools OUT OUT OUT of our neighborhood, out of our WAY, out of our SIGHT. And since we couldn't shut down production, we decided we'd make life as difficult as possible for those dipwads.

This is before cell/camera phones, so there isn't any documentation that I can locate, but the best way to REALLY REALLY piss off all and sundry involved is, when you see a "scene" being filmed, to start BELLOWING the opening of the show. Bonus points if you get a harmony going of "This is the true story (TRUE STORY!!!) Of seven strangers...etc" Do the whole thing. Do it loudly. Do it often. Yell it at the building. Create an interpretive dance. Shriek it if you're lucky enough to catch a drunken fight, or a sobby breakup on the sidewalk. The sound guys and the editors will want to DESTROY you, but there's nothing they can do.

This way, they can't use the footage, or if they do, the mocking will be heard in the background. Be childish. You'll still be eons more mature than the chumps they get for this show. And their pain will be like unicorns and rainbows for your soul.

Tell 'em Miss Banshee sent ya.

miss banshee isn't really an angry person, she just plays one on the internet. You can find her blog o' tricks at She also delights in mocking pop culture at

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Anonymous said...

haha i like this blog. when i lived in sf there was a movie being filmed outside of our house and we would blast black metal and turn on or off the lights whenever they requested either on or off. the black metal really got them though. good luck on annoyances!