Friday, June 26, 2009

When The Real World was Real

This is the house of the Real World San Francisco. Look different to you? There was a fire and the place was renovated.

Remember the Real World SF? Pedro was a real icon for the LGBTQ and HIV positive community. Hopefully Real World DC will continue that trend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bars that are getting on our good side...

From the very first time I walked into Wonderland Ballroom three years ago or so, I knew it would be among my favorite haunts in Washington. Today, the DCist confirmed why. Matt McGovern and his wife Rose Donna, a dynamic duo who also brought us Looking Glass Lounge have apparently told The Real World Cast that they are persona non-grata at the fine Columbia Heights establishment. I think this little nugget from Matt says it all: (Quote via Fritz Hahn at The Washington Post)

"I don't know if I'd let them film here." So [McGovern] put my question to a vote of the patrons present, shouting "Should we let 'The Real World' film in here?" Audible groans and murmurs of dissent could be heard on my end. "I guess the answer's no," he said. "We almost run the bar like a democracy, and certain things have to be put to a vote."

THINK about the implications here. The patrons at Wonderland, who brave the sometimes crazy street life on Kenyon to drink at one of the city’s premier neighborhood bars, feel that the Real World DC cast is slightly more of a nuisance then a crack head, mugger, gang member or a first time home buyer. Awesome. I’ll tell you one thing, you can expect to see a lot more of me at this fine establishment and I urge our readers to do the same. First round is on Matt.

I also want to give a shout out to one of the best damn music venues in the land, The Black Cat which will also be Anti-Real World DC friendly. It’s good to know that while the cast, their cameras, their entourage and all the douche bag onlookers will be hopping from Pilar to Saint Ex, we’ll have a safe house on 14th to run. It’s my guess that other establishments will be quick to follow suit. I’d imagine that my new favorite bar in DC, The Gibson, with its low key atmosphere would be among the first to shun the cameras and insanity.

If you know of an establishment that is going to be anti-real world DC friendly, we’d love to know about it! Drop us an email and if it’s a place we like anyway, we’ll throw a shout out your way! Places like The Guards NEED NOT APPLY.

Monday, June 22, 2009

RWDC Move-in Update: This Old Real World House

On my way to lunch today I walked past the RWDC house and saw a table saw on the stoop. So either the RW kids haven't moved in yet or one of them is Bob Villa. I sort of hope it's Bob.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where Angels & D-bags Fear to Tread/Like The Plague: Joint Edition

Thank goodness for the Going Out Gurus or GoGs. I have used them for a loooong time to help me figure out dates, birthdays, and all around looking to have fun in this city. And they have once again come through for me.

Via Fritz, in many ways the GoG's point man from bars to art, put up a recent post regaring the bars/restaurants/music venues that he has heard from that will and will not be allowing Real World DC into their places of business.

While editorializing may go on in this post, please note the contributors to this blog support all local DC businesses.


The Black Cat--From the owner Dante Ferrando, "People come here to hang out and have a drink or see a concert, not be bothered by film crews." THANK YOU, DANTE! All I want to do is get my dance on to an awesome band or to BritPop music while I enjoy a Foster's Oil Can. I don't want "Woo Girls" in my face due to the RWDC going to your venue. Thank you again.

Wonderland Ballroom--Listen here, Wonderland. I like your bar. I hear the interns are going there quite a bit but I haven't seen any change. You are on the wall though regarding RWDC though seeming to fall on the NO side given your clientele. If you do let the Real World DC in your bar, you will have sold out and become poseurs. Keep Strong, Keep Being AntiRealWorld.

Russia House--Russia House is close to the RWDC House. Could they go there? Sure. I suppose so. One off-record source though doesn't think so because. She told me, "My favorite part about going to the Russia House are the amazing former Russians and their great stories. I just don't think they'd want their privacy being invaded so publicly." Avoid? Not a chance. RWDC will never go to this amazing place and I think the GoGs got this wrong.


Cobalt--The Real World DC has approached Cobalt!?!? Shocked! As long as they don't go to Townhouse or to JRs I know I am OK. Though, the rest of my fellow homos take note that the Real World DC may be at Cobalt for Thursday nights...and you know what I mean. I'll just be at Townhouse watching everyone from the patio.

Town--As I previously predicted, the Real World DC is most likely going to Town. No shocker. THE gay dance club in town which also has quite a bit of space and decent lighting (if they desire). Going to Town and being shocked that the RWDC is there is no longer an option, you are on notice. Might I suggest one of the wonderful events that The New Gay does instead?

Saint-Ex/Bar Pilar--Okay. I've had some bad experiences at Saint-Ex. So if someone else wants to exhibit better judgement, feel free to comment. As to Bar Pilar, I highly doubt they'd go there. Bar Pilar is a swanky joint that, regardless of the number of the people there, always feels intimate. MTV doesn't want intimate....they want "quasi-sexual." That's not Bar Pilar's crowd. If RWDC goes to Bar Pilar, I'd be very...VERY surprised.

Gazuza/Chi-Cha--No offense to the comm. director for these sibling bars, but your influence has been waning in years. And yes, I know how I used the term "no offense." The fact they were in this article says to me that they need the RWDC to help them open another venue. Both places are great....but they want to occupy the catbird seat again like they once did. RWDC may go there, may not, both venues are close. I'm not going to chance going to either though.

Shadow Room--I'm not cool. I've never been here. Frankly, when I read the GoG article and the owner said, "In my industry, it's all about vanity.", I decided to never, ever go there. Good luck to all those who go there to try and get on. That's your target demographic, not mine.

Real Worlders to Frequent Georgetown? You don't say!

This little tidbit was sent from a tipster:

"Last night I was at one of the bars I go to all the time and bumped into the manager of another Bar. He confirmed that he met w MTV execs and that his bar will be featured when the cast goes out in DC.
I am surprised that their choice was Third Edition in Gtown. MTV execs presented him with a sales plan and how bars that have " hosted" the real world before make around 45-60% more business after they are featured in the show."

I am honestly not surprised that they are going to Third Edition as the place routinely features underage GW and Georgetown kids drinking and is a hot spot for GW parties. McFaddens is likely another choice. Those of you worried about them going to J.R.'s are safe it seems.