Sunday, June 21, 2009

Real Worlders to Frequent Georgetown? You don't say!

This little tidbit was sent from a tipster:

"Last night I was at one of the bars I go to all the time and bumped into the manager of another Bar. He confirmed that he met w MTV execs and that his bar will be featured when the cast goes out in DC.
I am surprised that their choice was Third Edition in Gtown. MTV execs presented him with a sales plan and how bars that have " hosted" the real world before make around 45-60% more business after they are featured in the show."

I am honestly not surprised that they are going to Third Edition as the place routinely features underage GW and Georgetown kids drinking and is a hot spot for GW parties. McFaddens is likely another choice. Those of you worried about them going to J.R.'s are safe it seems.


Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Jesus, I can see Cobalt from my front porch. Well, like you at Townhouse, at least I can get free entertainment from my stoop when they start barfing in the bushes somewhere -- as long as they're not my bushes.

Nerdette said...

Yeah I don't know that projectile barf is good for the shrubs. :)