Saturday, June 20, 2009

Washington Blade coverage: "'Real' Nuisance?"

We got quoted in this week's Washington Blade and we wanted to give props to the fabulous Blade for the coverage. One of our very own ARWDC contributors was quoted saying:
“I’m not anti them coming to D.C.,” says Tracy Sherman, contributor to an anti-Real World D.C. blog. “And I’m not anti-reality TV. What I’m most upset about is that they’ve done no outreach at all … Nothing has been confirmed.”
You see, the first rule about DC working and living is do your homework.

This town is crawling with organizers, event planners, press secretaries, lobbyists and politicos. We are more than familiar with the how-tos on staffing our bosses, securing the proper permits, getting the necessary support and buy in, shmoozing, and how to generally avoid effing it all up.

So if you, say, don't do overt neighborhood outreach (*cough* MTV *cough*), don't be surprised if snarktastic organizers to hold your feet to the fire. Because they can, they will, and they did it all before their morning coffee.


Anonymous said...

have you guys ever considered that MTV may *want* a less-than-welcoming response from the neighborhood? I mean... the show is all about generating conflict and drama, right? all they have to do is point the cameras out the windows to show how "young people care about the world and are involved in their communities" (or somesuch similar sentiment)...

whaddya suppose the odds are of this blog showing up in an episode of the show are? and when people here talk about protests and thriller dances... well... it almost makes me think that some of you *want* to be on the show...

Rory said...

Also, keep in mind that, as far as I know, MTV has nothing to do with the production of this show. It is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and then the show is sold or licensed to MTV.

Dave said...

all before your morning coffee?

perhaps i'm reading your internet snark wrong, but that comes off as a bit full of yourself.

the show hasn't started yet, i get that you need content and you want to keep your blog 'fresh' but this rant here seems like a stretch. as best as i can tell the producers of the show have gotten all of the permits they needed thus far (construction, parking, etc).

no, they haven't knocked on your door to ask if its okay if they film there for a few weeks.

where was paul rudd coming to my door to ask if it's OK if he detours my bus routes for a week or so!