Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MTV wants you to get ready for the DRAMA!

To those who wonder why we "haven't given the Real Worlders a chance" and keep assuming they will be party kids and bring drama to our nice little area of Dupont, I submit to you from the MTV Real World website, the synopsis of what viewers can expect with "Real World: Cancun"

"In a city where excess reigns supreme, the true test for the Real World: Cancun housemates will be learning to separate work from play. And when the lines (and vision) inevitably start to blur, expect to see tempers flare, sparks fly, boundaries crossed, new friendships forged and old relationships tested, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean shores." -

See, I'm not trying to be a hater, but don't give me any "oh they're going to be nice and quiet" crap when I watch MTV post on their website drama and "sparks flying" as selling points to watch the new season. I admit, DC is no Cancun, but the formula for a "successful" reality show has not changed. If the "Real Housewives of NJ" sat around and played bridge all day, no one would watch. Instead they talk about boob jobs, their husband's money and shoes. And then they fight.

Bottom line is that hijinx will ensue one way or another and we'll be here to report who pukes where before the cameras have a chance to edit the footage!


cbeec said...

Oh why not be a hater? The show is crap, and as you point out, the producers aren't interested in a calm, quiet, sober, drama-free show. They know nobody wants to watch a bunch of like-minded people having reasonable (and therefore dull) conversations for months on end, and as a result they don't pick people for the house based on how well they are likely to get along or how well they are likely to behave. After all if it ain't a complete sh*t-show, why bother?

Sean Temple said...

Sparks fly, boundaries crossed, etc. etc. You know I'm pretty sure they've used that ad in EVERY season of the real world. All they do is insert a different city name. And I'd be more worried about which one of those tools decides to take a piss on your lawn or gate after staggering home from 18th Street than them possibly puking. I'm curious if they are going to be set up with jobs here too. It seems like in some seasons MTV has been able to hook something up, but in other seasons it seems like they have NOTHING to do all day. I could totally see them being hired as guides on those double decker buses though. Be hard for them to f*ck that up.

Anonymous said...

No, you're kinda a hater. DC is finally relevant enough to be featured on RW. Good for us!