Friday, June 19, 2009

What Would a Real Worlder Grill?

Did a late night walk-by at the RW house. I gotta hand it to MTV. They said there would be guard at the house 24/7 and, sure enough, there has been a guard at the house 24/7. Looks like the same guy each time I've seen him. Definite no-nonsense as he didn't fall for my casual "You gotta stay up all night?" shout from the sidewalk and instead chose to ignore my feeble attempts to strike up conversation. The guard looks a lot like Dot Com from "30 Rock."

I moved to the side of the building and got a good look at what appears to be a state-of-the-art, brand new grill outside the house (photos are here, from a previous ARWDC post) and made me think about what would Real Worlders probably grill for a summer cook out?

As I stared at the grill I could already envision a rather built, short blonde-haired, backwards hat wearing, shirtless, Hilter-youth looking frat boy cast member (think: Landon from Real World: Philadelphia) flipping steaks and brats on the thing as cameras roll. This atypical Real Worlder will also likely make some sort of phallic reference about the brats to the token good looking, sexually curious, Midwest girl of the house that MTV will edit and include proper background music to make the scene ooze with hidden meaning. In the end, the steak will be overcooked and the brats won't be from Wisconsin, so why bother eating them?

If I was a Real Worlder, I would hope my roommates brought different culinary skills to the house so that I could share recipes and meals a little more sophisticated than "frat boy steak" or "ignoramus cheeseburger."

What do you think is likely to be cooked on this grill? Should the ARWDC crew come over and show these guys how to use it properly or should we have confidence in the new crop of Real Worlders and their culinary skills?


xanidu22 said...

Cereal, I can see them trying to grill up a nice bowl of Luck Charms.

john said...

wait, no photo of the grill?

Berg said...

the guard yelled at me :(

Nerdette said...

I think we got a good shot of it all packaged up here