Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cast - here's what you are missing

Since we've heard the cast is reading our blog, we thought we'd let you know what you are missing. Yesterday, your house got a sweet outdoor grill. It's still wrapped in packaging, but don't worry it's locked up so no one steals it.

More importantly, today you missed our fabulous gay pride parade! We hope none of the cast members are homophobes - you won't do very well in our neighborhood!


Sprite, the odd dog. said...

all The Girl's friends are totally gonna stalk the cast. HAHAHA

loryn said...

it'll be interesting to see if the "conservative small town girl/boy" kirks out when they realize they live in "that" part of town.....theres on one in every cast!


xanidu22 said...

"conservative small town girl/boy" kirks out when they realize they live in "that" part of town"

Maybe, but doubt it. Because that story line is usually a bust, and has never played out. They tried it again last year with a transgender woman and a Mormon, and the results were awfully bland as he was rather indifferent. In fact it was mostly the other gay guy in the house that hated the transgender woman.

Marissa said...

I really think The Real World DC should be taped in Arlington. That's where they'll probably hang out anyway, well, The Slutty Virgin, The Mildly Attractive Frat Boy, The Slutty Slut, The Less Attractive Frat Boy, and The "Intellectual," that is. The tokens -- The Gay and The Militant Black Man -- will probably like the District.