Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ANC Meeting Happenings

So an update on what happened at the ANC meeting. Andrew Huff from the Mayor’s office was there to answer questions, although he couldn’t answer many of them.

Here’s what Mr. Huff did say. The cast is moving in in the summer and will be gone leave Thanksgiving. He couldn’t confirm location but let the intersection split. Over half the crew will be local residents (not a big surprise, but good news). The number of formerly-metered parking spots that the crew has 24/7 access to right now will be decreased from 12 spots to 6 or 4 spots. No music or TV in the house. Sounds like there will be 7 people and they can’t have more than 2 guests each … so a total of 21 people can be in the house at one time. The Mayor’s office will deal with traffic and noise violations – I’ll call the police instead thanks.

There was also a woman from the DC government office that deals with TV and movie crews that want to film in DC. She didn’t bring much to the table. But people at the ANC table did ask why the permits for the show weren’t discussed with the ANC before they were given out. ANC approves liquor licenses, building permits, etc but wasn’t even notified about this! Someone at the ANC table questioned them as to why the show isn’t using the parking lot across the street from the house and Mr. Huff and his sidekick didn’t have a good answer. Seems that DC government was willing to give the show almost anything they wanted. Makes you wonder what the show paid the Mayor’s office . . . more on this in upcoming blog posts.

Overall, the Mayor’s office talking points are, “this is fabulous for DC, will bring jobs/money to the area, etc.” This doesn’t surprise me – hasn’t the Mayor been focused on this before – Chinatown regentrification anyone?

In addition, the Lieutenant from the police department who will be covering the area the house is in was there and he seemed to have different talking points. The police seem to have a more realistic view of the noise, traffic, and drunken noisiness that comes along with a Real World cast. In addition, he corrected Mr. Huff and explained that if you are on public land the show can show your face on TV without you having to sign a release form. . . get ready for some great shots of me walking the dog after having just rolled out of bed in the morning – ugghh.

When I think about it, what really pisses me off is that the Mayor’s office STILL HASN’T NOTIFIED RESIDENTS! This issue wasn’t on the public agenda for the ANC meeting and we only knew about it from blogs. As a tax paying citizen of DC (who doesn’t have voting rights, but that’s another issue) I’m pissed that our elected officials didn’t notify us and work with us to hear our concerns, see what we needed, etc. – we pay their paychecks.

No representative from the Real World was there to address residents concerns. Shame on you Real World – if you really care about the neighborhood and our concerns someone would have been there.

On another interesting note, an anonymous source let us know that the cast is reading the blogs and now doesn’t want to come. ... we’ll see what happens on that front.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Blah, blah, blah. I appreciate the info this blog provides - & the occasional comic relief - but don't you think you guys are getting REALLY angry a little prematurely? Let's see how it plays out - and complain when complaints are necessary & not just preemptive.

Anonymous said...

I love you. I love this blog. I love that you're making those little shits squirm. This is the Real World, bitches. And you're about to live in it. I can't wait for our first organized antirealworld event. Perhaps choreographed dances on the street outside their house? Thriller style? Furry costumes?

The Realist said...

I like the thriller idea. I second it.

Brock N. Meeks said...

with all the newly minted legal muscle crawling around DC and this area in particular, how about ginning up a little pro bono legal work and hitting these SOBs with every kind of restraining order or injunction possible just to tie them in knots. Look at the city codes; find out about permits and make sure they've filed all of them.

Whatever they are paying city is matter of public record, get city hall and ask the clerk to see the records.

Find out if they are breaking some kind of city ordinance by not having given local residents the proper notice.

aMoreImpossibleGirl said...

Awwww, the poor little idiots don't want to come anymore? GOOD. You want to be drunk and stupid in this town? As long as you're doing it to escape your soul-crushing job, fine. Otherwise, go the fuck home.

And in response to the other commenter, I don't think this is premature complaining. This city is famous for mismanaging things. The Real World, last time I checked, (some time in 2003), was in a downward spiral of pathetic proportions, and from what I've heard, its only gotten worse. Combining the two is a recipe for inconvenience and aggravation.

The Real World house is 2 blocks from my apartment. How could this be anything but an additional annoyance for me and hundreds (if not thousands) of other city residents, including those who are writing this blog?

Speaking of the authors - you're all awesome. Keep it up!

Danielle said...

Suburban Sweetheart--have you ever seen the Real World? It is well documented that this is going to be a drunken shit show in our city and is likely going to be a major inconvenience for those living in the neighborhood where the house is located. And as for the kiddies not wanting to come, so be it. Did they really think when they signed up that they would be welcomed with open arms? Cry me a river.

cbeec said...

First, thanks to the antirealworlddc crew for reporting on the ANC meeting.

It's outrageous that the Fenty admin didn't bother to notify the ANC or take the pulse of the neighborhood before approving the RW house, but unfortunately it's not surprising. Clearly some big money was waved around by the RW producers and that was the deciding factor. As for the people living in the neighborhood, apparently the Fenty admin's attitude towards us is "Sucks to be you, chumps. We got PAID!"

Second, I sincerely hope that RW "cast members" don't want to do the show because of what they are seeing in blogs. Fine with me. Fine, I think, with just about everyone who lives within a mile radius from the house. So do yourselves a favor and stay home, kids...we don't want you here or need the aggravation "your" house will bring to our neighborhood.

Finally I would like to jump on the bandwagon and address Suburban Sweetheart's comments Let's see how it plays out? No thanks. I'm all for a pre-emptive strike to either stop this from happening or at the very least put serious restrictions on how much this lame-ass show (which jumped the shark a long time ago) can disrupt the neighborhood.

MSK said...
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nwdc said...

What is the big deal? A few less parking spaces and a camera crew? Get over yourselves.

I live in the neighborhood and I am for the show. You don't speak for everyone. I think most of people are for the show.

Yeah the show sucks now but so what.

Chris said...

I'm kind of with NWDC here... I live in the neighborhood as well, and while this isn't something I would have *asked for*, it doesn't really get my panties that much in a wad.

Be glad they're only going to have a few parking spaces blocked off during filming, it's better than my block where nearly one side of the entire block has been blocked off for 6 months while a developer flips an apartment building.

TB said...

I really don't get the fuss. The only difference between these Real World tools and the thousands of tools this city is already crawling with is a TV camera, right?

realisticperson1 said...

You guys sound like babies. I currently live in California but am a DC native, with a long family-line in DC. I love the place! Yea, the Real World is mostly a shitshow, but the mayor is right. It will bring money and jobs into the city. Let's be honest, in a city so concentrated on being stuck up and politicized, it will be nice to be known for something else besides Obama's stomping grounds. It will bring a new generation to our city! You people are so bored with yourselves that you're attacking a popular tv show that wants to shoot in your city. Honestly, have you been in a bar in DC before? It's already a shitshow. Get over yourselves! Be happy someone wants to bring something relatively positive into the place (positive in the sense that the show usually makes the town it's in look extremely fun and glamorous)

Nerdette said...

@realisticperson1 You live in California, not Dupont. I'm going to take a guess and say you don't commute in, work daily or pay taxes in DC. So you don't have standing, although the internet is big enough for you to place judgement (just like we are.)

But we're glad for you click traffic.