Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tonight at 7pm: The Anti-Fun Committee

Because you can't keep a good organizer down, a few of us from Anti-Real World DC will be attending the Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting tonight to see what our local electeds are going to say about our new neighbors. We're hoping many questions are answered, including:

- Who to call when a RW castmember vomits on Berg's stoop?

- Where to illegally park when the RW people congest an already crowded street-parking situation?

- Will Commissioner Michael Feldstein be the new Anti-Fun Czar?

- Will this agenda get any more dull?
(Eds. Note: Will discussion of gang violence get sidelined? Because that would actually piss me offi. I'm actually not being flippant here, as there has been an increase in gun violence in our neighborhood. The shrines where people died are sad and - even more upsetting - multiplying.)

Also nerdette, DCBadger, and cacowan will be livetweeting the meeting, starting at 7pm EDT.

Got questions you want asked? Let us know in the comments.

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cbeec said...

Here's a question: what is the city going to do to keep a lid on increased street noise and disruptions resulting from the presence of the RW house? For example, I can foresee drunken jack-asses coming through the neighborhood (especially on weekends) to yell at or hang around the RW house after getting their stupid on up in Adams Morgan.