Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Our] Indifference Will Not Sustain [Our] Blog

Love or hate this blog, it's clear that everyone thinks something about it. We thank you for that. Like Brooke searching for a manicure in downtown Denver, we'd be lost without you all, so muchas gracias dear readers.

Since this blog was born out of our inherent love for DC (yes haters, we love our home), it's only right that we give props to the local rags and blogs that have shown us some love:

  • Politico's Shenanigans called us "lovely" and, um, said other things.
  • The Washingtonian's Capital Comment Blog called us predictable, but noted our mad new media prowess. (I might be projecting with that one.)

Other posts have shown up on PQLiving, The Heights Life, Washington City Paper, uwishunudc, and His Story. You'll note the strong dose of haterade, coupled with a few heaping teaspoons of love.

Whatever - I'll take it.


kasdc said...

They are just jealous they didn't think of it first!

Leora said...

I saw you're blog on the news, I just have to say I'm totally against "The Real World" planning to film in D.C. The production itself will probably be a disturbance, nuisance, and even a problem for the D.C. community. Interesting blog, and insight. I'll make sure to keep up with the posts.

From Rockville, MD

Berg said...

Leora - thanks for the kind words. We'll continue to push this blog as a forum for those to air their snarky comments and frustrations with the new neighbors.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story!