Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Identity of One Future Castmate Revealed?

An anonymous tipster sent in the following juicy tidbit about one of the future Real World DCers:

here's the scoop.
she's gorgeous
she drinks a lot
she goes out a lot
she's 19 or 20
she's going to be the... [ed. note. Infer what you will here.]
Remember: Tipster's words, not mine. Anti-Real World DC suggests this character might be the "heavy drinking minor with no moral compass."


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A said...

HA! As if we needed any more under aged drinkers in our bars. Now we are going to have cameras following them.... I am really considering moving to another city for the time being.

globalizati said...
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Seth said...

So, they're going to go to McFaddens a lot?

beccaDC20 said...

Thats not a tip... of course there's an underage, slutty, alcoholic. This is MTV after all.