Monday, June 8, 2009

Deja poo

Deja vu? More like deja poo. See, I've already lived in a city that had a Real World house. I've already had to deal with reengineering my social life around 7 douchebags who fail to represent anything more than the sad part of America that can't figure out how to have a life that isn't documented for other peole who can't figure out how to have a life. Was it frustrating? Absolutely. Annoying? Oh yeah. Did it improve or destroy my life and/or city? Nawwww. The last time I lived in a city with a RW house (I can't believe I have a "last time," it's so sad), the house was on the otherside of the city from me and the most imposition I had was having to go to a different Starbucks a few times because I had no desire to go to one that was in the process of being filmed for the show. In fact, I'd like to thank the Real World for pointing out all the bars where I could be sure to meet someone who could bore me to tears in less than 2 minutes and, if I was lucky, maybe start a bar fight in my name.
But this time it's different. This time its more personable. Last time they were in my city they were in a neighborhood I rarely frequented and easily avoided. This time, it hits home (literally in Berg's case). This time they are camping out in an area I'm in all the time. This time they are within walking distance of some of my favorite haunts. This time they are tainting my city. Hey MTV, this is not change we can believe in.
Other people have commented on how this won't end well and how this will hurt, not help our city; there is no need for me to repeat these sentiments (though I share them), so let me say this: I've heard this before and you know what, everyone is right. Somebody somewhere will come to DC and go to a particular bar or restaurant because they saw this show and someone, somewhere won't go to a particular bar or restaurant because they saw this show. But we can all breathe a sigh of relief that at least at the end of this the Real Worlders will leave and we can all go back to making fun of Gtowners, interns, and popped collars.

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