Monday, June 8, 2009

Why This Won't End Well

I'm kinda getting tired of hearing "oh they're going to be a great contribution to the community and won't party a lot."

Guess what? If they actually don't party a lot, MTV will probably consider the season a failure. In 18+ years of "Real World" television, has there ever been a season where they seem to say:

"You know what, if the roommates hook up or get in fights or get drunk - it's going to make for terrible television!"

Yeah, thought so...

Here's hoping that they new cast makes for boring television and doesn't keep me up all night!

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Anonymous said...

Not that I'm defending the Real World but there are different eras of the show. The first 8 or 9 seasons weren't about partying and sleeping with every and anything. That happened in Vegas and it's been that sort of show ever since though from those I know who were near the Brooklyn filming, that cast was sort of a throwback to the olden times of less whoring.

I hope you make it through--I wish you well.