Monday, June 8, 2009

When People Stop Being Polite

Well slap my face and call me Irene, I cannot believe that the Real World is coming to DC. It only took, what, 17 years? Yes, it took exactly 17 years (according to wikipedia) and I shouldn't act like I don't know because the truth is - I've seen every episode of every show.

I know, I know, it's true. But for purposes of full disclosure I had to give that up right off the bat.

But while I admit I still watch the dragging franchise - Bunim/Murray Productions for life! - I never wanted it to be ThisCloseToWhereILive. I always assumed that when The Real World finally did reach DC, it'd take residence in Georgetown or Arlington - the faux DC. But Dupont? Really MTV? Really?

Hopefully DC Badger's predictions of where the Real-World-DCers won't go will serve as a useful guide on how to avoid their antics. Only time will tell.

Where did you think Real World DC would set-up camp?


Anonymous said...

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I don't want them here and I don't know why. I, all of a sudden -- quite unexpectedly, really -- got very protective of this town I call home. And Dupont, my favorite part of town, will be overrun with cameras and waivers. My trips to the farmers market and teaism will be marred by the idea that hoards of hangers on could be scrambling for the limelight instead of indulging in the culture of the town. I don't want them here. Beyond the 3 months of active filming, I'll be watching my town look like one big "Rumors", with sloppy drunks and dirty hookups with people who can use big words and look the part of the lobbyist. Go back to towns that don't have a reputation to uphold, Real World, and leave our city out of it.

cbeec said...
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cbeec said...

No question that this is a bad thing for the neighborhood - the noise, the drunken idiots convening in front of the house on weekends while walking back from 18th St to the Dupont metro, even less parking, and so on - and apparently the DC gov didn't give a damn about how actual residents might feel when it decided to approve this. The residents of the house haven't even moved in yet and the show is already causing problems for the neighborhood: twelve parking spaces around the house have been indefinitely blocked off so the RW people can use them.

Doug said...

Um Mollytics...your post actually represents the quintessential NIMBY viewpoint. You love the show and always wanted it to come to DC, but now that they have decided to plop down in Dupont, you're kinda miffed.

I've never watched the show but it does seem that Georgetown would have been a better location for a bunch of attention hungry douchebags to live for a few months. It does kinda makes sense that they'd choose a more central location - walking distance to lots of neighborhoods/districts like Adams Morgan, U Street, 14th Street, West End, Georgetown, and Columbia Heights. Thank goodness H Street NE is too far away (at least I hope!).

dc365 said...

I agree, I thought they would have set up in Georgetown and not ever left, and then have talked about how they totally lived in the city and were part of it. That would have made me more mad than having them set up in Dupont and maybe actually presenting the city in the same light that we see it? I guess I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt before I say that this is the end of the world. After all, I haven't crossed NYC, LA, Boston, Seattle, New Orleans or Vegas off my lists of cities to visit, just because there were Real World houses there.

Granted, I'm not AS close as you (though not all that far), but I think it might not be as bad you're bracing for. I lived in Philly when Real World was there, and it wasn't nearly as intrusive as you might think.

mollytics said...

Doug - You raise a very fair point, but I can't say I've always wanted it to come to DC. I just like to watch the sh*tshow unfold on the teevee. Still, it's true. The NIMBY aspect of my post is glaring and my nearly two decades of support has done nothing to indicate otherwise.

I'm curious as to how the neighborhood is reacting. Are the ANC commissioners hearing from their constituents? Are residents outraged? Worried? Concerned? Will there be special restrictions enforced?

Rachel said...

ummm for life? nothing is for life in our group...its for choice