Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snaps to the Workmen and Laborers

I will say this - kudos to the laborers and workmen who are working tirelessly on the DC Real World house. You guys aren't keeping me up at night with banging and nailing and screaming.

Which gives me great comfort considering the residents of said Real World house will most likely keep me up all night with banging, nailing and screaming starting June 20th.

My only hope is that on their first night here they stumble across Smith Point and decide they'd rather just camp out on the other side of Connecticut Ave for the rest of the season.

And as a side note, I've heard rumors of "Oh the cast is probably going to try to come to your place and yell at you!" If this happens, I only ask that it's not done by the obligatory "southern frat boy" character on "Real World" who seems incapable of wearing a shirt while spouting ignorant comments about how tough it was growing up in a house where mom wouldn't let him wear his hat sideways and the collars were never popped. If we're gonna be yelled at, let's have the brooding "I have a dark secret...I'm not really a redhead" character do it. That character at least is more tolerable than the ones that usually can only express themselves monosyllabicly through grunts and greek fraternity letters.


kindalikepuck said...

You know, you are totally giving me all sorts of ideas to help force this confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Nooo don't send them over here! (I live just off Wisconsin Ave)