Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Z Burger Debate

Ed note: I’m a political dork first and foremost so I’ll lead off with this: Go Deeds

The following conversation occurred between 7:00 and 7:15 PM yesterday at Z Burger in Glover Park:

KindalikePuck: You know what really pisses me off? That MTV PR guy saying that at least three of the participants will be like so many living in our area.

DCBadger: Oh, totally, I mean what does that even mean? These people have no idea the sort of demographics we’re dealing with in Washington.

KLP: Agreed, I mean, DC has an AIDS epidemic, 3% of our population has AIDS. Are they going to spotlight that?

DC: That’s depressing, I mean, not the sort of hard hitting, award winning TV that MTV is used to producing.

KLP: Or the fact that over 50% of the District is African-American. Are we going to have a majority black cast?

DC: Of course not…I mean, look, some PR flack up in New York has absolutely NO idea what DC is like.

KLP: Agreed, hell, what’s the probability that any of them will even be able to name 3 Supreme Court Justices, or multiple members of Congress, or a political operative….

DC: Well there are only about 100,000 of us in town that could do that.

KLP: That’s not the point. This isn’t San Francisco, this isn’t New York, this isn’t Miami. This is Washington. I mean, what happens if some intern from [Redacted’s] office ends up in the background of a shot. They will get fired, their career will be over.

DC: And there will be 5,000 kids applying for their job tomorrow.

KLP: That’s not really the point either. Look, if this town is going to be featured in a show, it should take into account that this city is something different…it’s a dichotomy that no one understands. On one hand it is the most powerful city on Earth, on the other hand it has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. We have the World Bank, the IMF, every dollar in the US is printed on 14th Street, and yet we have one of the most anemic public school systems in the world….I mean……

DC: You are getting preachy……

KLP: Fuck you [Redacted]

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