Monday, June 8, 2009

Like the Plague--A Survivor's Guide to Avoiding the Real World Cast: LGBT Edition

Well, as expected, one place where the Real World cast are going to ruin with their undeserved sense of entitlement has been revealed: Halo Lounge at 1435 P Street. This was confirmed via earlier today, along with the fact there is at least one gay male on the show.

Here then are the first two places in our ongoing series of where to skip going to for a few months to avoid the Real World. Let us know where you are going to avoid like the plague while the Real World is here and you gotta be specific, not just Adams Morgan altogether. We'll take your suggestions and add them to the Survival Map!

Halo Hell No!: I predicted Halo would be a destination for the gay(s) on the show this weekend due to it's location and the great lighting. And now it has been confirmed by the good folk from Borderstan. I'm a fan of Halo and its nice happy hour, though I've always been a bit scared to sit on the furniture--I always thought I'd break it. However, as long as my drinking will be ruined by a camera crew, harsh reality TV lighting, and crazy mics, my hours at Halo will not be happy and I will not be going to Halo.

Down on Town: The other major place that the gay(s) and the allies on the show will go to is Town DanceBoutique. It is the biggest gay club in DC and the most popular on the weekends. The place has great open space, good lighting, and is a great spot to have a public dramatic explosion, even without the Real Worlders in DC.

I'm a good midwestern boy who hates paying covers so I rarely go to Town. I will definitely not miss not going there to actually pay to hang out with Real World. However, if you do decide to go, be warned there is a large chance the RWers will show and upstage the drama you are having or your friends are having.

However, tf the Real World cast tries to upstage Miss Lena Lett, I would definitely pay to watch a drag queen rip their souls to shreds with her words.


D said...

You are a fucking beta loner, who whines about everything. I hate people like you in DC, you socially awkward bitch. I hope to God I see you at the Dupont Circle Meeting. Do you even own your unit or are you just a renter who thinks you are entitled to more than you really are? As an owner of a nice row house a block away, I welcome MTV and the Real World. Frankly I will invite the cast over to barbecue and blast obnoxiously loud music. I am sure you are too ugly, unambitious, and extremely socially inept to ever qualify for the show and for that matter to move up the corporate ladder and succeed in life.

And I have lived in DC my whole life and have probably experienced more of the city than you even care to explore.

If you are a man, grow a pair of balls and try to fuck a female cast member. If you are a woman, lose the cats, embrace the fact that you are not attractive and marry a loser with bitch tits.
You are the reason DC has a terrible reputation. I suppose you probably wear sneakers or flats to work too, you pathetic grouch.

Steven said...

wow D - who pissed in your wheaties this morning. soundd like you are the one that need to get laid and relax.

Riley said...

Hmm, can't decide if "D" stands for dickhead or douchebag... discuss.

Mr. 14th & You said...

Wait a write a comment like that and then claim that the *blogger* is the reason DC has a "terrible reputation"?

cable girl said...

I'm guessing they'll spend a lot of their time in the Herpes Triangle. So you might as well go ahead and add Front Page, Lucky, etc...

EFN Lounge seems like it's in a sketchy enough neighborhood to scare RWers. I'll be making it my new home.