Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like the Plague: A Survivor's Guide to Avoiding the Real World Cast: Malibu Rum Barbie Edition

If there's going to be 7 official cast members, we all know who the unofficial 8th will be: booze.

Now we here at ARWDC HQ are by no means teetotalers. However, running into a RW cast member with crew in tow when picking up a bottle of wine on my way to a housewarming party isn't my idea of fun. So whether you are looking to pick up a six pack of PBR or a bottle of Dom, avoid these two DC Real World house liquor stores and the wine store.

But if you want a little faux-drama overnote with your merlot, go ahead.

P.S. Real World cast members would be wise to remember Ernest Hemingway who said, "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

P.P.S. Remember the map also has the other spots for you to avoid from the first edition of "Like the Plague."

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aMoreImpossibleGirl said...

I'd add the liquor store at Conn & Q (next to Kramer's) to your list. Its too easy to exit the metro, turn your head, think "oooh, booze!" and then boom. Alcohol.

Also, isn't the unofficial 8th RW cast member usually herpes?

kindalikepuck said...

Ahhh yes, that quote always reminds me of a certain bet during a certain time, in a certain place in the Midwest.

Sorry readers, for the skulduggery, you know....

Eileen said...

Martin's is great... keep going there! Maybe these "real worlders" will just use his delivery service and never leave the house?

Catherine said...

Love the "Hellmouth" entry. Hilarious. I wish Buffy could save us.