Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh NOZ! The MTVz Found Us!

Recently, we here at, saw a posting from "anonymous" that literally reeked so much of MTV PR flack, the smell of Axe Body Spray was coming through our screens.

Here is the MTV flack's comment in angry red and where we think it failed in white

The cast may surprise you.--No. No it won't. So it's going to be a diverse cast of people with varying ethnicities, sexual orientations, political preferences, experiences in life. We already have that....we call it Congress. You just probably won't have anyone as crazy as Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

They are all activists or have some compelling story.--Oooh exciting! Activists! Whenever "activists" is used in non-political stories, it usually means someone had a great idea once but never acted on it because they had to listen to Dave Matthews Band, or whatever it is the kids like these days.

As for for compelling story, we all have compelling stories in this town and we tell them. For many people, that is their job....we know compelling...and 23 year olds for the most part aren't compelling.

At least three will be like so many living in the area.--Well first, is that code for LGBT? Because if so, you could've just said so. We love the gays here. If you have a homophobe in your crew, don't be surprised if JR's decides to move Sunday $2 Skyy Vodka Highball Day to your front lawn. Just a heads up. Us LGBT and our allies in DC are organized (sort-of).

If it isn't some gay code, well they won't be like so many living here. Living in the area usually means you have a job where part of your job IS your job to stay out of the media. Exceptions are communications folk who are only in the media to promote their boss or cause. Being on 'The Real World" is now just for self-promotion and drama.

Two probably will stay behind or move to Adams Morgan.--As stated in the replies to this comment, here's a shocker. Adams Morgan! Whee! Jumbo Slice, Tom-Tom's, and neighbors angry at the weekend drunk masses. PR Flack, you obviously don't know Adams Morgan.

At least the production company hired some local people.--I agree and commend you for this. Nice job at sucking up to us, PR Flack! We like supporting the local economy!

Don't be surprised if there is a Sunday afternoon motorcade arriving in early July from somewhere along Penn. Ave.--Seriously. Are you trying to impress us with the White House? Or is it the Capitol? Or is it a reference to Remington's in Barracks Row?

If it's any of those (doubtfully the final item), color us unimpressed by your weak sauce attempt to wow us. We see motorcades coming from 1600 Pennsylvania all the time....those are impressive. We also see Marine One....that's impressive. A bunch of limos with media whores blocking traffic on Dupont Circle and Mass. Ave. ... NOT impressive.


David None said...

"They are all activists or have some compelling story."

All the show is now: a bunch of drunken idiots throwing teenager tantrums and all the high school drama that comes with banging all of your roommates within a 6 month window.

Andrew said...

that or it'll be a hilarious co-op with crazy rules, like some of the ones in MtP

Spud Lite said...

That whole MTV flack comment made some sort of sense right up until the motorcade part. I don't get it - are they trying to imply that the President is visiting? Because no he's not. Joe Biden? No. Michelle Bachman? Umm, maybe. I really kind of hope so.

My best guess is Mayor Fenty, but does a Smart Car count as a motorcade?

Wiggy said...

Um... That was not an MTV rep. MTV is not going to confirm the location city, the house, or casting information. Nor is Bunim-Murray productions. They're not happy that we (and by we I mean myself and the folks I work with) broke this news three weeks ago.

OldTimer said...

MTV's PR people are clueless. The production company is far worse in it's track record of engaging the local community. Their head-in-the-sand approach is the opposite of what they should be doing. They should have an ombudsman handing out cards in the neighborhood inviting neighbors to an open house and providing a 24/7 phone number for locals to complain when necessary. It takes so little effort to be good neighbors. (Of course, the "good neighbor" thing is a two-way street.