Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green is Good--A Fantasy on RWDC Foreign Policy Talk

The other night as I was listening to public radio podcasts on my patio (because I'm a huge nerd), I thought how great the policy conversations will be in the Real World DC house. Several individuals and MTV itself have hinted that the cast members will be smarter than their average cast, which is usually at the same developmental stage as cannibalistic chimps. And frankly, I hope they are.

Still, my imagination got the best of me. Here is my fantasy conversation between three members of the Real World DC concerning the repressed election system in Iran.

TriDel--she only went to college to get a ring, not to learn.
Broseph--He works out a lot and smashes things on his head.
Posie--He loves politics but only reads headlines. The poseur if you will.

TriDel: What is with all these people wearing green? Do they have some kind of Irish Fest going on here in DC?

Broseph: yah I know...my twitter feed blew up with all these people having green icons and stuff.

Posie: Don't you two KNOW anything? People are wearing green to support the Green Revolution in Iran.

TriDel: Hey...I'm smart. I go to the Harvard of the [insert whatever geographical region you want].

Broseph: The Green Revolution? huh? But brah, our house has like solar panels. The Green Revolution is here.

Posie: No. The Green Revolution is about environmentalists in Iran! Ahmedin..ahmed....whatever his name is doesn't want environmentalists to take power and so he is repressing the opponents.

TriDel: Oh no! I hate repression! That's going to be my goal in life---stopping repression wherever and whenever!

Broseph: That's hot, TriDel. I love a woman who is an activist. Let's go get some fro-yo.

Posie: (whispering) Why won't Broseph love me?

(end scene)

**Author's Note: This isn't meant to diminish the horrendous situation in Iran. Rather, I hope this will encourage many readers to learn more.

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Sas said...

While I agree that you're a nerd for listening to public radio podcasts on your patio, I have to say that I think this fantasy conversation might be SPOT on. If only TriDel (HAHAHA--great name) realized that there are actually smart women in Iran who, unlike her, don't have the freedom to flat-iron their hair and actually wear it down and show it off. I hope TriDel's hair frizzes in the DC humidity.