Friday, June 26, 2009

When The Real World was Real

This is the house of the Real World San Francisco. Look different to you? There was a fire and the place was renovated.

Remember the Real World SF? Pedro was a real icon for the LGBTQ and HIV positive community. Hopefully Real World DC will continue that trend.


Dan said...

Went to russia house tonight. Waitress confirmed they signed the waiver for real world. house loud either they've moved in or pre-party

xanidu22 said...

One of the biggest difference between the old and current Real Worlds is that they used to have 2 or 3 housemates from that city.. Which used to be cool because they would go to local places and even local parties, instead of the prearranged crap they have now. Also, they used to cast ambitious people that would actually be working towards a career. Remember the first few Real Worlds? We had med students, MBA students, a cop, a stand up comedian, ect. but now all we have are college drop outs. I suspect we get the same. A bigger question? Will they use Metro? They always give them a car now.

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

I am gonna pee in front of their house.

Nerdette said...

@xanidu22 I was thinking the same thing. But can you imagine if they had to deal with an emergency like the Red Line collision? I doubt they could handle it, sadly.

@Sprite, unless you're on a leash, that will probably get you a ticket :)

@DCBadger - what a great pic!! You might make me get a Pre.