Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sound Crew's hotter than the cast.

We spotted the sound crew, pausing at 18th and Connecticut Ave, NW. Good looking gents.


Emily said...

Seriously people you need to get lives. You live in a major city! Deal with it...people living on dc tend to forget that! Stop being snobby and welcome our guests to the city! It is great publicity for dc!

Nerdette said...

We are welcoming them. I would totally get a pint with the sound crew :)

Mazzie said...

nice to see that even "ooh, hot sound crew!" can bring out the "LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!11" crowd.


Anonymous said...

I was out last night and ran into the RWDC cast and crew as they came out of Public (CT & Jefferson). As soon as I realized what it was, I ducked behind my friend for some reason. Knee jerk reaction, I guess.
The blonde girl (of whom it's been observed on this blog that she wears too much makeup and has muffin-top action goin' on in her jeans) came out with her shoes in her hand. I thought perhaps she'd at least put them on when she got to the sidewalk. Nope. Yuck!
One of the guys had a bottle of beer he clearly wasn't finished with b/c he took a last few seconds to upend it. Of course, the cameramen couldn't let that go w/o putting it on film.
Then someone in the crowd must have called the girls skanks or hos, I'm not sure. The brunette yelled (I paraphrase), "I'm not a whore, asshole!"
The crowd laughed.
And someone else responded, "Welcome to DC!"
Look for that scene when RWDC starts airing :)