Saturday, June 6, 2009

It begins...

The MTV Real World DC house is located at 2000 S Street, NW.

I live at 1933 S Street, NW.

I can see them from my kitchen and will be bumping into lights when I step outside starting June 20th.

May g-d have mercy on their souls.


Nerdette said...

They couldn't have asked for better neighbors :)

(Let's get em)

Torrey Meeks said...

This looks like it is going to be a spectacular blog.

Collaborative pranks on the Real Worlders using Twitter to coordinate (flash mob pranks) would be fucking great.

Susan said...

It's like anti-privacy world invades privacy world. Don't think they know what they're up against here.

JZ said...


Destroy them.


Anonymous said...

Do you hate these people you've not yet met, the day laborers working on the house, the jerks from the production company (here I may agree), or are you just equally opportunity about this?