Saturday, June 6, 2009

#RealWorldDC House Pic

#RealWorldDC House Pic, originally uploaded by Phillyberg.

Here is a shot of the MTV Real World DC house I took from my living
room. Hopefully this serves as proof to those who doubted my
proximity to these tools.


Discussing The Future of Ludlow said...

dude - i live on 20th between R and S and this is so close to me as well... hell it's the building right next to my dry cleaning, and the expensive grocery store and my thai food... WTF

Anonymous said...

I loitered in front of your window today. It was very clean... You are displaying good citizenship.

Who knows, these people might be a pleasant diverson in the neighborhood. I plan on giving them a chance.

cbeec said...

Anonymous - you're missing the point. It's not the people in the house that are the real concern. It's all the loud jackasses who show up to gawk and hang around because (wow!) DC has a RW house. Traffic, noise, parking...they are all likely to get a lot worse in the neighborhood. Nothing about that will be pleasant.

OldTimer said...

No, cbeec, I didn't miss the point.

The Real World and MTV were the first to open their programming to the gay community. Sure, it may be a bit of a cultural wasteland and there may people who defile a nice neighborhood at 2 am, but I would hope someone would learn what is was like to wonder if Rock Hudson was one of us. The Real World helped open doors. I'm going to greet them with open arms and a "thank you," even if the kid in the house will have no clue what I'm talking about.

The Realist said...

So ya'll are the cool people across the street from me. Good to know someone else is pissed about RW invading.

The bright side? Now I won't have to describe my apartment as "by the secret safeway...", just "by the mtv assholes."

I don't plan on being welcoming. I'll email photos I get along the way. Maybe I'll even film the cops arriving when I phone in my 100th noise complaint.