Sunday, July 12, 2009

How "real" can you be with a babysitter?

So when you live across the street from the Real World house you end up going to the same places in the neighborhood. It's great to know that although RWers can go in the Secret Safeway and Rite Aid, no cameras are allowed. While the cameramen had to stay outside at least half the cast was inside following the directions of their "babysitter" (production guy who's not a cameraman but helps script the show). They were being instructed to buy a card game or board game and were stuck in the aisle with children's toys. Oh the poor teenagers who watch this show and this it's real - it's even more scripted than i thought.

Great timing to plug our Anti-Real World DC "Real" DC Photo Contest. Send us your best example of "real" DC by joining our Flickr Group and uploading photos that are tagged "RealDC"

PS Yes those are black and red checkered pajama pants that Emily is wearing.

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Adam said...

when I saw them in Dupont, the production guy was coaching to them what to say and how to walk across the street. So much for "real".